Bonding in a heartbeat

Did you know that all babies – prematurely and healthy born alike – develop best when they are safe and sound in their parent’s arms? During skin-to-skin cuddling sessions, known as kangaroo care, parent and baby co-regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate. Nothing works better, even for the tiniest and most vulnerable prematurely born babies who are cared for in an incubator.

Hugsy makes the benefits of a mother’s (or father’s) embrace last longer, to provide comfort to babies even when their parents cannot be nearby. Hugsy is a smart blanket that combines the most important features of a parent’s presence, like warmth, smell and the unique heartbeat. Hugsy’s evidence-based design has won several design awards and is already being used in Dutch hospitals during clinical trials.


What is kangaroo care?

In the last 40 years, kangaroo care has been extensively studied and its proven benefits include:

  • improved parent-child bonding
  • improved brain development
  • reduced stress
  • deeper sleep
  • better immunity

This is just to name a few. To reap these benefits, doctors recommend providing this care between 60 minutes and 24 hours per day.

Hugsy features

hugsy blanket and module

Swaddling blanket

The Hugsy blanket was developed to give babies, both prematurely and healthy born, comfort and support during and after kangaroo care. It can be used as:

  • a cover during kangaroo care,
  • a wrap to prevent cold stress while transferring the baby in and out the incubator or crib,
  • a blanket that keeps the baby warm, snug and calm in the incubator or crib, surrounded by the mother’s smell and heartbeat.

Heartbeat Module

The Hugsy Heartbeat Module records a parent’s heartbeat during kangaroo care moments. The parent’s heartbeat is still soothingly surrounding the baby when back in the crib or incubator.